Visualization – a strategy for success

Many professional and ultra-successful leaders in the sport use the power of visualization to achieve the highest possible level for themselves. Far from “hocus-pocus”, the art of visualization is rapidly becoming an accepted method of success. The most ardent supporters of visualization – the athletes, but there are surgeons, entertainers, and even business people who are mentally, as they will act and react to various adverse situations that may happen during an important meeting.

How visualization can help traders? Here is a real example of a successful trader using it. “At the entrance to the building where my office is located, there is a fountain. One morning I arrived too early, so sat on the bench and stared at the fountain. I imagined myself at my desk. I saw myself, quietly performing each transaction, according to his well-laid plan. When triggered my stop loss, I came out of the deal without emotion. When the profit target was reached, I quickly assessed the situation and decided to continue the deal or leave. I have spent in a dream just a few minutes, soon rose from the bench and I went to my office. “In that day there were wonderful things,” he continued with a smile. “I made some of the best deals for the whole career. In fact, the day was just how I imagined it. Now every morning I sit in front of a fountain and imagine myself doing business as easily as I can. At the end of the day I leave office with the energy saved and tangible results. ”

Try to use this simple but effective method to start your trading day. Go to a quiet place where you will not distract you for a few minutes. Sit quietly and imagine yourself working effectively during the day. Following the example of a trader, see yourself calmly and confidently commit the transaction under its plan. The more you practice visualization, the better able to maintain calm and focused approach to trade.

  Трибуна Великого Мегакукла 2011-05-14 23:34:38
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