Trading styles daytrader

Range Breakout
It is the most simple and wide-spread engineering of trade. All that is necessary for the trader is find рендж (base, consolidation, флэт) and to wait it пробития in what or the party. To the trader it is not important, in what party it will be punched Range. It is important to it to enter on пробитии ренджа.

Pattern Breakout (Probitie of a pattern (a graphic figure))
In technical analysis of the prices, there is a concept of a graphic figure or a pattern. To such figures carry: a triangle, a flag, a pendant, a double bottom or top and so on. When on the schedule the figure is accurately generated, the trader will wait for an exit of the price from this figure and will start to open an item.
However, not skilled eye can see figures even there where they are not present. The figure should be accurate and is visible even to the five years’ child.

Range (Trade in Range)
Advantage of this engineering that you can trade it and gain money even when the market “sleeps”.
Its essence consists that you purchase in the basis ренджа and sell on the top border. Thus work is led only by limit warrants on a spread with short stops. Usually, stop puts at once abroad ренджа on distance 2-3 cents.
You should have patience and fast reaction because with you other skilled traders will trade. What to earn in such a way money, you should be among the first on an input and an exit.

Scalping is, probably, the difficult technique from all presented. Only 2-5 persons from 1000 become successful скальперами. The essence Scalping is to take some cents of profit and to leave, what at a well-chosen moment to come again for the sake of 3-6 cents of profit. Thus Scalping risks 1-2 cents. Скальпер works in great volumes. For Scalping it is typical trade some millions shares for a day, therefore its significance комиссионых is the most important factor.
Thus physical and psychological load on Scalping most is high from all. You should weigh all pro’s and con’s before to begin «Scalping».

Bottom Pick (Purchase at the bottom)
Very wide-spread engineering at skilled daytrader. Possibility for «Bath of peak» arises in a situation of sharp falling of the share price. The price falls so fast, because of the big seller but as soon as it will execute, pressure will cease and стак “soars up” upwards as the tense elastic band.
«Bottom Pick» the moment when will disassemble the last seller will try to come in that. Thus it constantly look at a tape what to seize it the moment.
This engineering is very dangerous, as if recoil will not occur, the price sharply leaves even more low and the trader can receive heavy losses.
What to trade «Bottom Pick peak» you should read well a tape, understand pricing, and have rigid character and discipline.

Top Pick (Sale at top)
This engineering is opposite «батом to peak». In it you search for shares with parabolic acceleration or ordinary shares which have hardly grown for a short space of time and шортаете them.
The essence «Top peak» that in the share at its strong growth there are many buyers who at a given time come to leave it. And, all know that if recoil it will be very fast will begin.

Feature of price ruptures, movement on closing of this rupture or continuation of movement of the price towards rupture is.

News Inertion (News inertial movements)
At an exit of unexpected and powerful news on campaign the price can behave is unpredictable. But often the crowd joins primary reaction and the price sharply grows or falls. There are traders and even automatic trading systems which start to come into such movements in hope of inertia of the price.

Correlation (correlation Trade)
Shares in sector are ranged on capitalisation. The above capitalisation, the above % th weight and accordingly the price of such companies is the driver for a sector index. When there is a catalyst (for example, news) on such shares, they begin the movement. However, shares which have smaller weight in sector, often lag behind. These shares can be “picked up”, when they begin to catch up with the leaders.

Basket Trading (Trade in a basket of shares)
It is applied in a case when it is necessary to purchase or sell one pressing set of shares. Has the advantage if you need to take very big item on sector or an index and thus to have the minimum influence on the price. Feature of trade баскетом, is that you come баскетом and leave it. The Decision on an exit is accepted exclusively on significance P/L.

By the end of session the expert still can have outstanding order on purchase or share sale. 15 minutes prior to closing experts collect MOC warrants and show quantity not bought in addition or недопроданных shares. If quantity of such shares more than 3-5 % from total amount for a day movement on closing can be very big.

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