ThinkOrSwim (TOS)

Thinkorswim – an innovative trading platform with advanced functionality. News flow from Reuters, access to trading volumes, traders community, the scanner of financial instruments on the stock market, financial television, emu trades, advanced charts, trading strategies, analysis of volatility – all of these features provide ample opportunities for successful trading.

Thinkorswim not only provides access to quotes, charts, options, crawlers, but also makes it absolutely free! Now you can explore the sector, explore pricing options, to trade all listed stocks on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.

The program is very simple and convenient. Contains many useful features for active traders.



There is a demo access to all function, but with a delay of 20 minutes. Graphics in real time.

Having no artful registration run. After checking the update window opens
In the field «Connect to» select «paperMoney», enter login and password assigned during registration and click Ok

Gadgets Thinkorswim

In PaperMoney there is such a thing as a gadget – internal application that performs any function. Among the gadgets:
1) News from Reuters
2) Radio
3) CNBC (works only during the American stock market trading)
4) Calculator (no time he was required before the deal)
5) Games (sapper, Tetris, Lines)

Graphs (Charts)

Trade tab, you can configure your working place – there are only 4 types – All Products, Forex Trader, Future Trader, Active Trader. They differ from each other by a set of tools on the Advanced tab, and temporal scale of the displayed data. In the Active Trader present 5-minute charts. While Forex Trader displays 12 charts popular currency pairs.

Charts tab is similar to tab Trade, they are very similar and different initial settings and templates for these settings. Under Charts – 6 charts, and tab Trades – 2 graphics, glasses and table deals. In general, both tabs can lead to the same species.

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Working with charts is somewhat different from the usual all Metatrader. To get to any tool, there are a few steps through the context menu, or a few buttons in the main menu, which is not very convenient. Irregular grid – that is not composed of identical squares, as in MT4. Graphic tools (Drawing) about the same, but the indicators (Study) is much greater. For convenience, the indicators have a dual partition – alphabetically and by application (the force of the market, trend, etc.)

There are also a tool such as a strategy. They are small scripts, arrows are placed in places of entry and exit activities online. Bektestinga strategies provided.

Trade in ThinkOrSwim

Trade, as elsewhere, are using warrants. Present warrant 4x types – Market, Stop, Limit, TrailStop. Orders such as Stop and Limit and TralStop hung on Market Order. In addition, orders can be tied into complex OCO pair. OCO (One Cancels All) – all orders in the group will be canceled if one of them is executed. Thus, you can put 2 orders in the breakdown of the channel, and when one of them works, then the other – to undo.

For those who do not anywhere except the MetaTrader trading system warrants PaperMoney may seem complicated – but it’s worth to work for a while, and you get used to it.

Incorrectly filled the order will be rejected by the system, and it saves you from mistakes when filling out fields.

When ActiveTrader can see the unique data – the glasses on the instruments, as well as a table of all transactions. This can significantly help in the decision. However, there is a fly in the ointment – for demo data is delayed 20 minutes.

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Tools for analysis

A very interesting tool for data analysis. This analysis of volatility, transactions in the past, the risk of a portfolio analysis of returns and so on. In the picture below is a graph of volatility for the S & P500.

Another interesting point is the scanner, which selects the tools under the given conditions. Scan This function has several modes of operation – Stock, Spread and the Book. For example, we shall take action at the cost of more than $ 10, has grown by more than 1% and with a market capitalization of $ million. At the exit get UEM – only one action complies with the conditions.

Filter Results 6 – price, turnover, capitalization of the company, the absolute change for the session, the percentage change for the session, EPS. In addition, there are 22 additional parameter that can be selected in 2 of the lower forms, among them – different price data, the ratio of stock options, volatility, etc.

This scanner easily choose actions that are appropriate for your strategy – low liquidity a cent, undervalued, fast growing, etc.

Market Overview (MarketWatch)

This tab allows you to receive important information about the market – the press conference companies, stock split, dividend information, general information about raw materials and much more.

Traders in your community

In PaperMoney have the opportunity to watch the transaction of other traders, read the analyst, share ideas, and so on. This platform creates a feeling of total immersion in the exchange world. However, all in English.


In PaperMoney have built a programming language that lets you create your own indicators and strategies. Language is very similar to Easy Language in Omega and much easier mql4, truth, and the possibility of much more modest. Finding your way in programming within the Trading Station allows the built-in dictionary that describes all language constructs, as well as examples of internal indicators and strategies.

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Features avtotorgovli in the platform is not provided, but through the program website can be accessed at the online-services companies that provide this service.

Guide and support

Before working with the program, or if you have any difficulties, you can see the program through the tab Help. Opportunity to learn something new host – videos in format. Wmv,. Mov,. Svf – at your service. Duration of commercials is from 5 to 10 minutes.

In addition, there are links to educational sites, radio and email support.


Trading Platform PaperMoney creates all conditions for the analysis and successful trading. This is one of the best software for trading. Significant minus only one – a delay of 20 minutes on a demo account, therefore, to obtain operational data necessary to open a real account.

Open a real account is possible through a broker, whose name matches the name of the program.

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