The market quickly learns

down4In the last 2 days I have broken many of its rules and paid for it. Bargained a lot of shares without the idea of trying to take a number of positions and could not stand feet to zero, not fixed income, did not even stop when 10 deals went in to the red, while continuing to open new contract. Short made a lot of blunders.
But all thought out and was able to adjust the trading strategy.

  • No limit myself 4 open transactions. Do not open the new has not yet moved the stop to zero current.
  • I made a table to increase the size of the position.
  • No more to gain more ground, like I did not believe in action.
  • Strictly observe the rules of their past and continue to earn more.
  • Reduce the size of the position temporarily

So many wanted to write and flew out of my head.
P.S. Table lay out later.

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