The fear reasons

Every day to me to have to move the Gold Bridge in San Francisco to reach my office. It would Seem, what unusual in overcoming the bridge? But San Frantsisko often happen earthquakes. The author knows many townsmen who are afraid to cross the bridge. Some people so are afraid of bridges that try to pass never in a life on them, thereby, limiting the vital and working possibilities. I never was afraid to pass through the bridge, but repeatedly heard conversations of people on the bridge which were in a condition close to the panic. They imagined to themselves the worst scenarios which only can occur, and could not expel these pictures of horrors from the head. In 1989 during earthquake the section of the bridge the Dignity-frantsisko-okland has fallen. Some persons was lost. Probably, you saw reportings on it on TV. If it is fair, I try to forget this case, especially, when I pass on the bridge. But, if the person recollects this event again and again, he has the extremely unpleasant feeling during bridge crossing. The thought and imagination possess the big force and if your consciousness is aimed at terrible thoughts, but to supervise emotions hard.

But thousand people cross the bridge in San Francisco 2 times a day, without any fear. They are not afraid. How they manage to achieve it? They too remember earthquake, but say to itself what to go on the bridge safely. Probably, they think the following: «Earthquakes it is a rarity and when they occur, bridges fall no means always». It is rather fair. But there are fatalists who cannot expel thought on the worst variant of succession of events from the a head. These thoughts generate fear, as a result people so are afraid that refuse bridge crossing.

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We always test unhealthy excitation and fear when we think of approaching fate. One of the most widespread fears – performances before public. Many people are afraid to act publicly. They think of worst of possible variants, are afraid to tell something silly and to put itself in an idiotic situation. Facing extreme situations the majority of people feels fear, however there are more people, frequently, are afraid, when think of possibility of such situations. Such feature of human thinking is proved by psychological researches. When terrible event occurs, people often relax. Probably, you had to feel unpleasant sensations when you would like to get acquainted with someone? When you asked the first question, you always felt better, without dependence from the answer.

Whether traders feel extreme fear? The answer to this question cannot be unequivocal. It is important to remember that the fear protects us. When we can lose a great sum of money, worry quite naturally. Beginners have a special reason to worry if they risk the deposit most part on one transaction. We heard set of times about this stereotypic scenario: the beginner has a deposit in the size of 10.000 dollars, it deduces on the market 5.000, and loses this sum. Then it hides it from the spouse and risks the rest to return the lost. Instead of reducing expenses, such trader hopes, having risked still большей the sum to compensate the loss.

When we meet the big obstacle which is hard for overcoming, we are overwhelmed with hurricane of emotions, such as fear, disappointment, rage and a regret. This rather unpleasant condition influences process of acceptance of the decision by us. We cannot expel from a head of thought on the worst variant of succession of events, and we not in a condition to think clearly. We think that we can lose all, and we do not know what to do. For example, when the market goes against us, we can close a position, but we are afraid to feel a regret about an error.

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Skilled traders feel fear to a lesser degree, than beginners. If they have a good experience of profitable work in the market, the loss can become an obstacle, but not accident. Besides, they operate risks in such a manner that the probability of the huge loss is almost equal to zero. But even skilled players are afraid, when they start to think of the worst variant of succession of events. The question of the control over fear is a question of your psychological preparation. The person in a condition to overcome fear and not to think of accident possibility. However, for some people it is heavy, in following dispatches we will tell about a quality monitoring behind fear …

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