Terms of trading? What are the rules?

The next time someone – that will tell you that he can teach you the golden rules of trading, you can laugh in his face, as it would do any of successful and experienced trader. Any really good trader knows that there are no rules relating to trading. Your trade plan comes closest to what might even remotely resemble a set of rules, and that you are the owner.

When designing a trading plan, you probably already understand the importance of the plan consistent with your personality.

You are also likely to come to the conclusion that the plan does not need to build from scratch, but based only on their ideas.

Watching the various plans of trade used by successful traders, you will find that the better plan and adjusted to the individual, the more successful it will be, and the easier the trader to work with him. You will also notice that, although some similarities can be observed, there is no specific set of “rules”. The most consistent similarity, which you will find – a successful trading plans are designed to work in the style of the individual trader.

So, if there are no rules, what can we do? How do I find guidelines for their trade? Answer – learn to think independently and in understandable terms. Consciously or not, but you followed the rules most of his life. Enjoy your freedom. Look at the markets convenient way, regardless of the fact that advised the media or books. Trading should only be in harmony with each other. Explore the various methods of thinking and follow the one that will seem natural to you. Find your own trading style and use it.

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