The paralysis of analysis. Indecision.

John all day perfecting their trade rules. He tedious applied indicator for the indicator, despite the fact that many of them showed the same thing. Search continued. John frantically believes that he missed something, but do not know what it is. He is not going to invest until they are absolutely sure that his plan of trade is being protected from errors. He thinks: “I must know every possible factor that could prevent the transaction, otherwise I’ll lose money, but it would be a fatal blow.” John hit the paralysis of analysis. He can not decide, and varies in fear and uncertainty. People differ in the degree to which their striking paralysis of analysis. Some of it is relatively mild and may even work as an adaptive approach to decision making, but for others “analysis paralysis” is a long-standing psychological problem.

The fear reasons

Every day to me to have to move the Gold Bridge in San Francisco to reach my office. It would Seem, what unusual in overcoming the bridge? But San Frantsisko often happen earthquakes. The author knows many townsmen who are afraid to cross the bridge. Some people so are afraid of bridges that try to pass never in a life on them, thereby, limiting the vital and working possibilities. I never was afraid to pass through the bridge, but repeatedly heard conversations of people on the bridge which were in a condition close to the panic. They imagined to themselves the worst scenarios which only can occur, and could not expel these pictures of horrors from the head. In 1989 during earthquake the section of the bridge the Dignity-frantsisko-okland has fallen. Some persons was lost. Probably, you saw reportings on it on TV. If it is fair, I try to forget this case, especially, when I pass on the bridge. But, if the person recollects this event again and again, he has the extremely unpleasant feeling during bridge crossing. The thought and imagination possess the big force and if your consciousness is aimed at terrible thoughts, but to supervise emotions …

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