Trading Strategy (Draft, will always append)

Major signals at the input: Puncture hai or low the previous day. The action must penetrate at least 1 day, more than 10 days of low or high. Must be a trend on the daily chart and trade only in his direction. The figure of the bottom, in the form of the saucer, turn the action. The action must take at least $ 2.3 with the opening of trading with, and after dinner such signals. Reversal, after a strong rise of the action and the explosion of volume. Minimum 1 $ must grow, and begins to level jib. Money management If 3 days in minus 4 day do not trade. If the transaction minus 3.4, rest for some time (min. 30 minutes) More than 5 deals with the results, resting for some time (min. 30 minutes) Delu limit losses intradeevsky: 60% of the limit can lose up to 12:00 40% of the limit can lose after 14:00 AT OPG can lose depending on the size of the position, for every 1000 shares ~ 7C losses.