The paralysis of analysis. Indecision.

John all day perfecting their trade rules. He tedious applied indicator for the indicator, despite the fact that many of them showed the same thing. Search continued. John frantically believes that he missed something, but do not know what it is. He is not going to invest until they are absolutely sure that his plan of trade is being protected from errors. He thinks: “I must know every possible factor that could prevent the transaction, otherwise I’ll lose money, but it would be a fatal blow.” John hit the paralysis of analysis. He can not decide, and varies in fear and uncertainty. People differ in the degree to which their striking paralysis of analysis. Some of it is relatively mild and may even work as an adaptive approach to decision making, but for others “analysis paralysis” is a long-standing psychological problem.

Can you feel the market like a fish in water?

How free you feel in the process of trade? Complete the following psychological test to answer this question. Rate how much you agree with the following statements. Fully disagree 1 point Disagree 2 points. It is difficult to score 3. Agree 4 points. Totally agree 5 points.

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