Trading strategy

Discipline — how not to go into limit

I have already described a system of double limits on the day, it’s very hard not to go into teaching for the second time limit and stop. At first, this is a very good technique, but when you’re trading for a long time and follow all the rules pass a day reporting season is not very good for your wallet. That’s why I came up with an alternative: You have the same limit on day 2 First conditional, if you go for it then do not trade today If you go for a second, then the next day, you reduce your average position and limit the daily double and so every day if you went for it. If the day closes with a reduced limit of normal plus you return it back to the original It seems simple, can you have any additions you??

Improving the quality of CPS, and deals

With a new week, enter their new rules to supplement the old ones I have already announced and intended for beginners, that would make them think. The more you bargain, the more in breach of the rules of trade, it should be deleted. Originally given three transactions in the first half of the day If the CPS (count per 1 cent per share) less than 20, I can not open a new business within an hour or two depending on the market and time If CPS is over 20 then you can take 3 more transactions and so on. Maximum open transactions can hold 3, in very rare cases, if there is a very good deal, you can open another one, provided that the stop of 1-2 open trade is at zero or plus. CPS transaction will be considered regardless of how many times I buy more. cons: An opportunity …

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No jeweler

After a couple of days all the same understood that a short foot is not mine. Previously did not bother about the stops, even 5 cents or 14 cents, and when I became to try to go anywhere at an unbeatable price and with minimal risk they started giving away too often. Because of this, a good deal closes. The most important thing — it’s literate stop, even if the price slipped and should not try every time to reduce the risk where it is not possible. Resume normal trade with stops 5-15 cents, but increase the minimum potential in the shares of 60-70 cents. It is necessary to improve the selection of stocks to look for more stocks with good potential, close to the levels and a clear trend. The main focus on my technical analysis, but now I will carefully read the news and learn of the company.

Results of last week 7.12 — 11.12

WEEK I turned back to zero. Just started experimenting with thick stock and a huge amount, but on other days following his trading strategy with a good plus. Will try more consciously trading on additional strategies and fewer, until we understand its pros and cons. It must be harder to maintain discipline and trading strategy. There is no gross errors, but additional strategy took profits on the basic strategy. Gradually my trade back to normal and getting back to normal, then everything will be fine -) list of biggest bankrupt companies stryker triathlon knee chrome att preferred stock symbol momentum leads price linda bradford consistent results psychology of head and shoulders pattern merry christmas 123

Table level day trader on the NYSE

Posted table level NYSE.  day trader to gain experience so necessary for trade on the NYSE for beginners and experienced traders. This is my personal opinion. * Standard position of shares for trading ** Daily limit losses on the day after which trading ceases *** Total return for a week, to go to the next level **** The total amount minus a week to go to the previous level For beginners, the transition occurs as a result of two or three weeks, more experienced traders and short weeks.

Getting tested Pyramid

From that day begin to test your table to increase positions — pyramid. After week 2 otpishus the results. wordpress blogs 23st market november 11st position of day wordpress blogs trading technolgies keyboard trading

Table increasing position

While that’s made me a table to increase the size of position. In the 2 calls. Rules: Each new purchase, it is a separate transaction Stop shifting to the whole position, but not at 1 price. Low 10C should be in the black to add more shares It is impossible to increase the position at the same price, if the action is on the spot. Improve the price you can if you accidentally got a very bad price and the stop will be no more than 5C with an increase

Deposit is on the spot

Deposit of Income for October: What then I was not encouraged by the uncertainty in the trade. That day, plus a day less and eventually stand on the spot. One day control over their discipline, and the next I lose money on happiness. We’ve got to do something with it.

The market quickly learns

In the last 2 days I have broken many of its rules and paid for it. Bargained a lot of shares without the idea of trying to take a number of positions and could not stand feet to zero, not fixed income, did not even stop when 10 deals went in to the red, while continuing to open new contract. Short made a lot of blunders. But all thought out and was able to adjust the trading strategy. No limit myself 4 open transactions. Do not open the new has not yet moved the stop to zero current. I made a table to increase the size of the position. No more to gain more ground, like I did not believe in action. Strictly observe the rules of their past and continue to earn more. Reduce the size of the position temporarily So many wanted to write and flew out of …

The market quickly learns Читать далее

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