Steve Nison

Steve Nison, President Nison Research International, Inc. (NRI), was the first who opened the Japanese method of technical analysis known as candlestick charts, for the West. He – an internationally recognized authority in this area, revolutionized technical analysis in the U.S. and Europe, using these methods. He is the author of two popular books: “Candlestick” and “In the face of Japanese candlesticks. He consults worldwide, including the Federal Reserve and the World Bank. In NRI, Mr. Neeson specializes in Internet-seminars and consulting services organizations. Detection of early signals of turning with the help of Japanese candlesticks The wise man is not one string to his bow. (Japanese proverb) Analysis charts candlestick chart has this name because its lines resemble candles. Used by many generations of people in East Asia. Such schedules have been run long before the column histograms or “tic-tac-toe”, but were virtually unknown in the Western world, before I put them into use in 1990. Now this technique is used in plotting the international level many traders, investors and prominent financial institutions.