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The market review for November, 2st

Stock trades in the United States were closed on October 30 leading indexes lower on the background of macroeconomic news. At investor sentiment negatively affected the report of the Ministry of Commerce (US Department of Commerce), published prior to bidding. According to him, the volume of consumer incomes in the country in September 2009. compared with the previous month, virtually unchanged, while the volume of consumer spending in September 2009. decreased by 0,5% compared to the previous month.

In addition, since the start of the trading session in the report of the University of Michigan / Reuters index figures were published in consumer confidence in the U.S., which fell in October to 2.9 points and amounted to 70,6 points. Analysts expected 70 points. Almost at the same time was published index of business activity in October 2009. Which grew at 8.1 points and totaled 54.2 points, said association manager in Chicago. Analysts expect the figure for the period totaled 48.5 points. Читать далее «The market review for November, 2st»

The market review for October, 13st

Stock trades in the U.S. on October 12 raznonapravlenno closed in anticipation of a series of quarterly reports. Trading day began most of the growth of stock price, but then at the bidders’ enthusiasm diminished, and leading indices have returned close to initial positions, and the NASDAQ lost even up to the day 0.14 points (-0.01%). Meanwhile, the Dow Jones is slowly but surely approaching the figure of 10 thousand points, to which he had only just overcome a little over 100 points. Читать далее «The market review for October, 13st»