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Free Stock Screener — MadScan

For a couple of hours I stopped working filter trade-ideas for the first couple of years, had to find a filter of shares under its criteria. In my chat room where sits a few hundred traders suggested the stock filter Madscan. There is a big plus that you can use it free of charge, for example as a spare. Almost all that I have been able to create it. I will not write to write review on it and so it is understandable, linking with the charts like no. Does not have time to dig deeper into it, all you need to set up and forget it:)

Program Tomorrow Earnings

Our trader has written a good program for the selection of shares in Earnings. Keeps a list of measured companies on weekdays for imports in Blackwood Pro. Comfortable in reporting season. The program takes data from the page and stores stk files. Further, they can be used from Blackwood (in Stock Sorter right-click -> Load from file)

Free Demo access to Ninja Trader

Ninja Trader — a multifunctional software that can be used for chartinga and technical analysis, as well as a complete trading platform for trading futures contracts, stocks and the currency in FOREX. Suitable for the development of the trading system (the existence of a programming language, the ability to execute scripts — all set to create your own TC) and can operate as a simulator of the trader. It help for programmers — open interfaces COM, DLL,. NET; why there are extensions (plugins) under NinjaTrader, providing investors with new features.

ThinkOrSwim (TOS)

Thinkorswim — an innovative trading platform with advanced functionality. News flow from Reuters, access to trading volumes, traders community, the scanner of financial instruments on the stock market, financial television, emu trades, advanced charts, trading strategies, analysis of volatility — all of these features provide ample opportunities for successful trading. Thinkorswim not only provides access to quotes, charts, options, crawlers, but also makes it absolutely free! Now you can explore the sector, explore pricing options, to trade all listed stocks on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. The program is very simple and convenient. Contains many useful features for active traders. Joined: Download:

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