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ThinkOrSwim (TOS)

Thinkorswim — an innovative trading platform with advanced functionality. News flow from Reuters, access to trading volumes, traders community, the scanner of financial instruments on the stock market, financial television, emu trades, advanced charts, trading strategies, analysis of volatility — all of these features provide ample opportunities for successful trading. Thinkorswim not only provides access to quotes, charts, options, crawlers, but also makes it absolutely free! Now you can explore the sector, explore pricing options, to trade all listed stocks on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. The program is very simple and convenient. Contains many useful features for active traders. Joined: Download:

Terms of trading? What are the rules?

The next time someone — that will tell you that he can teach you the golden rules of trading, you can laugh in his face, as it would do any of successful and experienced trader. Any really good trader knows that there are no rules relating to trading. Your trade plan comes closest to what might even remotely resemble a set of rules, and that you are the owner. When designing a trading plan, you probably already understand the importance of the plan consistent with your personality.

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