stock portfolio

The second account — Swing trading

One of these days I will open a second account for the Swing positions, although he was not great until about $ 100,000, but we will increase it gradually. The main goal is 3-5% per month. How are they going to manage going to describe a little later. I will try to describe and publish their ideas. I will be glad to hear the advice of those who have long practiced swing trade as they manage their accounts. allocate positions and take some risks, and especially the selection of shares. Tell me what a good resource where you can record your stock portfolio NYSE victor niederhoffer i am an realist what is the date that world com bankruptcy stock trading pen isin bac hanes c9

Do not succumb to regret

When trading the markets losses are commonplace. They cause us pain, but for some traders bitterness from the wrong decision is the worst feeling of all. They blame themselves for having done something wrong. They bring himself so that trying to abandon transactions, not to feel regret afterwards. In the book «For the threshold of greed and fear,» Dr. Hersh Shefrin argues that regret and responsibility are closely linked. The more we accept responsibility for their actions, the more powerful then a feeling of regret.

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