No jeweler

After a couple of days all the same understood that a short foot is not mine. Previously did not bother about the stops, even 5 cents or 14 cents, and when I became to try to go anywhere at an unbeatable price and with minimal risk they started giving away too often. Because of this, a good deal closes. The most important thing — it’s literate stop, even if the price slipped and should not try every time to reduce the risk where it is not possible. Resume normal trade with stops 5-15 cents, but increase the minimum potential in the shares of 60-70 cents. It is necessary to improve the selection of stocks to look for more stocks with good potential, close to the levels and a clear trend. The main focus on my technical analysis, but now I will carefully read the news and learn of the company.

Concludes trade on MICEX

Unfortunately my time does not allow to trade on two exchanges simultaneously so that trade on the MICEX will have to leave. Maybe later when the cases will be less resume, and while temporarily suspended. Compared to trade on the NYSE on the MICEX as a dull trade, and do not like. There is such a large selection of shares, there is no sensation making 1% of the deposit in the transaction. So all power to abandon their native NYSE. history of general motors financial crisis 2009 upload stock market movies richard katz london rothschild intel preferred stock symbol best day trading movie

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