Results of experiments

About two weeks experimenting with his trade, the number of transactions, size, position, time, trading styles. The size of the position: Small position – begin to think less deal more risk. The result is not very good indicators Middle position – most comfortable at this point, the transaction deliberate and …

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Of course the American teacher for 10 000 $

Caring for the trader – a wise and timely to speculate, keeping losses small, be prepared to quickly reach and maximize profits by not staying too long in one place, that is, to the point where he will give more than a small percentage of what has already been received.

Gap Open Trading Tips

The Gap Open Online Stock Trading Strategy The “Gap-Open Trading Strategy” is a popular online stock trading technique that we use whenever a stock gaps open beyond our planned entry price. For example if we plan to enter a stock long at $50, but it opens the next morning higher …

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Some of my statistics

For all the time trade una Stock Exchange USA I: positive 209 days minus 156 days Value of all positive day for the right formula 2.1, in not properly 2,2 The biggest minus 2 times less, very big plus. Despite the fact that I have a positive day total of …

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