Exclusive Interview: Charles Kirk from The Kirk Report

Have you ever heard of the investor who grew $2000 into more than $1 million? Meet Charles Kirk. Charles is not your average fast-talking, infomercial-star pitching to sell you his get-rich-quick scam. Rather, Charles is one of the most respected investing and trading bloggers on the web. Charles is best know for The Kirk Report: a blog which provides readers with a steady flow of excellent tips for becoming a better investor or trader. He works hard to help educate people on how to build a skill set which will benefit them for a lifetime. Rather than promise quick riches, Charles takes pride in being honest when explaining the time and discipline required to become a successful investor. In a business full of charlatans, Charles is a gem. I sat down with Charles to discuss his ride to millionaire status, his widely-read blog The Kirk Report, what it’s like to be a good-guy on Wall Street, and what it takes to follow in his footsteps … Damien Hoffman: Charles, we both bailed on a law career. Can you share how you transitioned from law school to stocks and blogging?