Cynthia Kase

Trader and consultant Cynthia Case relies on a set of technical indicators, which it has developed for its own trading signals. Case accept decisions solely on these technical indicators and totally relies on the basic analysis. It was first introduced to trading in August 1983 when the management of Standard Oil of California – the company where she worked at the time, transferred it to the trading department under the training program management personnel. With a specialty chemical engineer, Case has brought new perspectives in the practice of trading. “In 1983 there were two things that are important and interesting in the oil trade, – says Case. – Appeared in 1983 a contract for crude oil, and the personal computer has finally worked his way into business. I persuaded them to put the computer in the room, where trading was conducted. For the trader the early 80’s I was very knowledgeable in the computer on, because I had a technical education. ”