Coupon Groupon service comes to the stock exchange

Number of securities to be placed in the IPO, not specified Company Groupon, which owns the service of collective discounts applied for the IPO, during which intends to raise $ 750 million, reports Bloomberg. Underwriter IPO will be Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. The company’s shares will be traded under the symbol «GRPN». Number of securities to be placed in the IPO, not specified. Groupon Service was founded in 2008. With it, users can get discounts that can be activated only on the condition that they be interested in a minimum number of participants in the program. Currently, the global network covers 33 Groupon million users in 35 countries. In December last year the Internet giant Google wanted to buy discount service for $ 6 billion. However, the proposal was rejected. Having been refused, Google engaged in developing their own promotional code services — Google Offers. Its beta …

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Reflection. Analysis or soul-searching?

Steve just made a losing bargain. Although he has lost only 2%, he can not stop thinking about it: «What have I done wrong?» How could I have prevented the loss? «What have I missed? What does this loss mean for me as a trader? What happens next? I can manage?» Steve They reflect. He can not let go of it. He always gets stuck with the loss, many times to scroll it in his head. Reflections on past loss of not only reinforce the bad mood, but, as shown by a recent study by Dr Andrew Ward (Andrew Ward), They reflect the type of less satisfied, less confident and less able to adhere to the scheduled course.

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