Does not reduce the probability (the percentage of successful traders)

«How many new traders succeed?» — Asks a potential trader from a group of battle-hardened experts. «Of those 40% who survive more than a year, only one or two per cent will learn to consistently make a profit» — meets the head of one of the major brokerage firms. «About five of the 100 — according to my observations,» — said a leading trader of large hedge fund. We Innerworth found that less than 25% hold out at least six months. It seems that many would agree with this: If you plan to do only trading, the probability against you. Here are some ways in which converts traders can avoid common mistakes and win probability.

Psychological map figures «Head and Shoulders»

In addition, the graphs show that the history of prices of a financial instrument, accompanied by the volume, they are also a reflection of human behavior. And because they reflect the basic human nature, they can be used as a psychological map, if you learn how to read them.

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