The second day at the MICEX

Not a bad day turned out to, of course in the morning went to -0.3% trying to sell Gazprom, but he did not go, had to buy it) All day traded Gazprom and Lukoil, has made almost 1% of the depot, but LUKOIL away and did not let me. As a result, day +0.6% Few of my transactions, it’s not all and not quite accurate: oops: Gazprom:

Russia beware !

And here’s a little surprise for my readers. Next week I start to trade on the equity market. In the meantime, with the shares on the MICEX Lukoil and Gazprom. Let’s see what happens. While there are a few questions: How often do occur technical issues What are the time intervals for trade: the most active time of trade, lunch. What tactics are better in the day: scalp or trade trends. How much money to move the action. In a terminal, best looking graphics Who of my friends are actively selling and earning within days I heard there is a small commission and it does not even pay attention Does the system here 3x screens Fundamental or technical analysis here prevails What advice will give the beginner than the Russian market differs from the U.S.? twitter ticker symbol kirk report trading software texaco bankruptcy thomas and betts keyboard trading stock how imorortant is the past for the future? 123

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