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Discipline – how not to go into limit

I have already described a system of double limits on the day, it’s very hard not to go into teaching for the second time limit and stop. At first, this is a very good technique, but when you’re trading for a long time and follow all the rules pass a day reporting season is not very good for your wallet. That’s why I came up with an alternative: You have the same limit on day 2 First conditional, if you go for it then do not trade today If you go for a second, then the next day, you reduce your average position and limit the daily double and so every day if you went for it. If the day closes with a reduced limit of normal plus you return it back to the original It seems simple, can you have any additions you??

Have nulled my rating!!!

Later 6 months I have won first place in a rating of Top of financial blogs and all anything, BUT all my indicators HAVE nulled!! I do not know, what claims to me, but having published a post referring to a blog, my counter is unreal have read off scale there and it seemed suspicious, it appears that indicators of my site do not fall even during week-end. Certainly it is pleasant to me to visit on the first place deservedly and fairly. There was an idea to make мини флешь моб and in one day to ask all to come on it that at once on the first place to get out again, but I have thought that it is not necessary for me. That me reads the Most important thing to many people and it is useful for them, and from a place in топе I will become richer not. I delete a banner from a site and I will leave this rating 8) Would like to wind the counter, for a long time would be on a place, instead of through a floor of year. In this rating who is visible to steam the person winds, so …

Have nulled my rating!!! Читать далее

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