James Stephen Fossett

James Stephen Fossett was born April 22, 1944, in Jackson, Tennessee. Childhood and youth passed in Garden Grove, California. From a young age Steve Fossett was a member of the Scout Movement. In 1966, Fossett graduated from Stanford University with a degree in economics. In 1968 he was awarded the title of Master of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. In the same year, Steve Fossett married Peggy Wieland. Up to 40 years old Fossett was known only in business circles. He made a very successful career at the exchange, and even became the founder of the largest U.S. trading corporation Lakota Trading Inc., Co-owner of the company Scaled Composites. In 1985, apparently bored of achievements in business, Steve Fossett decided to swim the English Channel. It was just a challenge to myself — and the fourth time he did it. Incidentally, it is interesting that for the …

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Henry Clews

Henri Clouzot was born in England in 1836, and in 1850 emigrated to the United States. Clouzot began as a clerk in a large company-importer, and only later moved into the financial sector business. Clouzot became a member of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after the panic of 1857, during which prices have fallen about 50 percent. «This crisis has sounded a funeral march for the old conservatism in the» Street «- wrote Clouzot. — There was a young race of financiers, to fill the seats of the old conservative leaders. » For all its extravagance Clouzot was an investor in the price. He realized that «in light of all this tumultuous mass of facts are the laws of nature if we study them for their control facilities, they (the laws) will be working exactly the same way as the rising sun.»

Victor Niederhoffer

In April 2006 Niderhoffer Victor (Victor Niederhoffer) appeared on the evening in a New York hotel St. Regis, which brought together some 300 leading fund managers of America. Passing under the gilded chandeliers in a blazer the color of lavender, he felt that once again raised at the summit of success. In 1980-90-ies. Victor Niderhoffer created for himself a vast fortune and a reputation as one of the most prominent hedge fund managers in the United States. But his undoing excessive love of risk: before the Asian financial crisis, he played in improving Thai shares, and during the crisis — on the rise in the index Standard & Poor’s 500, using the naked option on the index. When the markets collapsed, Victor Niderhoffer overnight, lost everything — $ 130 millionth Fund and almost all of their own savings. It seemed that life has dealt him a crushing blow, but he …

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Bill Gross

If you ask a question of who is today one of the best traders in the world market, fixed income, the majority of responses, most likely, will sound the same: Bill Gross (Bill Gross). Bill Gross is often called «the Warren Buffett of bonds of peace» ( «the Warren Buffett of the bond world»). As the founder and managing director of one of the world’s largest asset management companies — Pacific Investment Management Company, or PIMCO, — Bill Gross manages the $ 96-billion fund PIMCO Total Return Fund (PTTAX), as well as several smaller-sized funds. Total Return is the largest of the world bond funds, and the fifth-largest mutual funds. But not so much the size of Total Return, as excellent results, almost always demonstrated by Bill Gross, since its inception in 1987, making it operates one of the most visible stars on the financial «sky» of America and the …

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Ingeborg Mootts — A lonely pensioner

Ingeborg Mootts — almost a typical German pensioner. She is 83, she lives in the tiny town of Gisenyi, in a small apartment, furnished with old-fashioned furniture. In the refrigerator it is worth the juice of black currant, and on the walls hang yellowed photos of deceased relatives or rambling. A perfect portrait of the average German woman her age, if not one «but». Mrs. Mootts — one of the most successful private speculators Germany. For eight years, a lone pensioner managed to earn on the stock exchange 500 thousand euros and is not going to stop there. Today it is very popular in Germany, although, of course, not as the legendary investor Warren Buffett in the U.S.. She wrote a book, lecturing, giving interviews and teaches seniors how to make money in the stock market.

Cynthia Kase

Trader and consultant Cynthia Case relies on a set of technical indicators, which it has developed for its own trading signals. Case accept decisions solely on these technical indicators and totally relies on the basic analysis. It was first introduced to trading in August 1983 when the management of Standard Oil of California — the company where she worked at the time, transferred it to the trading department under the training program management personnel. With a specialty chemical engineer, Case has brought new perspectives in the practice of trading. «In 1983 there were two things that are important and interesting in the oil trade, — says Case. — Appeared in 1983 a contract for crude oil, and the personal computer has finally worked his way into business. I persuaded them to put the computer in the room, where trading was conducted. For the trader the early 80’s I was very …

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Alexander Elder

Alexander Elder — a professional speculator and expert on technical analysis. He was born in Leningrad and grew up in Estonia, where he graduated from Medical Faculty of Tartu University. Then he emigrated to the United States. After internships at clinics in New York, he enrolled in New York psychoanalytic institute. Then he opened a private clinic. Parallel Alexander Elder began working on the stock market and organized a company «Financial Trading», which became one of the leading U.S. firms for the preparation of stockbrokers. His findings and advice Alexander Elder is divided in the book «How to play and win at the stock exchange.

Jesse Lauriston Livermore

Jesse Livermore. Great single. The original trend trader On Wall Street is always one and the same. Speculation is as old as this world: today at the exchange is what has been before, and that again later. Jesse Lauriston Livermore People interested in astonishment, where such great traders like Ed Sekot (Ed Seykota) find inspiration and role models? Jesse Livermore (Jesse Lauriston Livermore) is one of those people who lived in the early 20 th century. He is one of the earliest trend traders.

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