SWING position on December 22

Yesterday was a day of stupid decisions. In the early PG opened below the target of my foot and covered it almost to the very bottom and the law of dishonesty, he returned to yesterday’s close. Recorded at a rate of minus 72C for 500 shares = $ -360. If it had even now it would be a small plus. But I think that did the right thing, because was possible to dip below it as in previous times. Then on the free money and bought a BAM SFI, which are covered throughout the day. I think their purchase was not justified and led me glupaya.Esche AXL -99 $.

Eventually I bought SPY at 125.69 200 shares.

In total I have:

PG = -360 $
BAM = -31 $
SFI = — $ 67
AXL = -99 $
Total covered cons = $ -557
Not covered by the profit = $ 1,000

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