Some details

According to the criminal complaint, footage shows Dzhokhar standing in the same spot for approximately four minutes and checking his cellphone, at one point appearing to take a photo with it.

Genck then details footage taken in front of the Forum Restaurant as the first explosion was occurring.

Approximately 30 seconds before the first explosion, he lifts his phone to his ear as if he is speaking on his cell phone, and keeps it there for approximately 18 seconds. A few seconds after he finishes the call, the large crowd of people around him can be seen reacting to the first explosion. Virtually every head turns to the east (towards the finish line) and stares in that direction in apparent bewilderment and alarm. Bomber Two [Dzhokhar], virtually alone among the individuals in front of the restaurant appears calm.

Dzhokhar then apparently begins rapidly moving away from the finish line, leaving his knapsack where he was standing. The second explosion occurs there 10 seconds later.

Genck said he observed photographic and video footage from that location from a number of angles and viewpoints and “can discern nothing in that location in the period before the explosion that might have caused the explosion, other than Bomber Two’s knapsack.”

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