Social Network Google Plus (Google +) (Get an invite, video, distribution of invites, social circle,

The new social network project Google+ still in closed beta (for the third day of waiting for activation, invite), but around him are born disputes and gossip.

On the one hand the user provides a great opportunity, combining traditional and function as social networks, and its own work Google. On the other hand, experts say that to gather critical mass of users would be very difficult. After all, a social network is not as interesting when there’s little of your friends.

According to unconfirmed reports in FaceBook for more than 750 million users. In these circumstances, the creation of another global social network from scratch is a very risky business. But, in my opinion, Google has huge market opportunities that will help the company surpass FaceBook.

Especially inetesen project will now, thanks to videokoferentsiyam, as well as the possibility of creating “circles” (you decide what range will be available to your information – friends, customers or employees for work)

Google+ most anticipated social network in the world! For now, they presented their new ideas and we want to tell you, this is what was lacking internet users! Every day we roemsya on the Internet looking for any information, but now all the information in the form of quality will be on the same site and is not a contact with a lot of pornography and counterfeit products, it’s Google+

Social Network Google Plus aroused considerable interest among Internet users, although at the moment is in beta and available only to a limited number of users. What is so attractive new social network Google? What are the opportunities and the “chips” it has to offer?

The list of main features of social networking Google Plus includes “tape”, the “circles”, “photo”, “videovstrechi”, “chat”, “topics.” Thus, the “tape” are grouped all the contents of other users who share this content with the user. In the tape you can see text messages, photos and video, and various links. Recommended content is displayed in the Ribbon user, if this content to share with the user directly or through the “circle of friends.”

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By the way, the circle of communication – this is one of the “chips” social networking Google Plus. Similarly, communicating in real life, Google Plus offers its members to share interesting information only with those in his circle of friends, to whom the information may be useful.

In Google Plus by default are the circles of communication “Friends,” “Relatives,” “casual acquaintances“, “Interest.” You can create and their communities: for example, “classmates”, “colleagues.” By posting your notes, you can choose what range to provide access to this information.

In the “topics» Google Plus can discuss interesting topics from around the Internet. From the list of actual fact, you can choose the closest, and can add keywords as interest and then Google Plus he will choose an appropriate content.

Another “trick» Google Plus – videovstrechi – allows you to chat live with friends and acquaintances at any time. On videovstrechu can invite people in their social circle, and you can place a link to the Internet videovstrechu and then anyone can join Google Plus and take part in the meeting.

Thus, the social network of Google Plus is going to be very interesting how easy it is for an exciting pastime in the global network, and for earnings on the Internet, because the possibility of social advancement website or blog to earn money with Google Plus significantly expanded.

In addition to the new social network, as you probably know, dear readers, Google introduced its own social button – 1. Put this button on your site to earn money, you can help your visitors even faster and easier to share with others liked the article Internet users. To do this, just go to this page , Select the button size and copy the code to your site. It’s simple!
So this add-on for those who are already enrolled in a social network Google Plus

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Xia! Chips Sea. Implementation of the Summit. So go to a listing of all that there is:

1. The first place I probably put a new panel in the google, hope you noticed it during the search, she appeared quite recently and was created specifically for the network google plus. Here’s how it looks:

On the right you see:
username – a pull-down menu to set the profile, the transition in your social circle (about them later) and exit from your account google plus;
field c squiggle, which shows the number of stories (it is clickable!), this field is an analogue tape in twitter, it immediately you can choose the news, read it, respond to it and also go back to reading the whole tape – this is very convenient and does not need all vryamya run in to your Google plus;
field “share” or «share» – place here your news, links to the posts, photos, videos and so on … And also the most important thing here is you can send invites!

In order to make a google invite only, you enter a phrase an invitation, for example, welcome to Google a plus, and in the “add user» (add more people) put in your friend’s email, everything! Please note that currently only accept email from google – gmail. Invite comes somewhere after 24 hours, but the registration may be closed, so try to get through the night

the last button in the form of a gear – this is the search settings or Google account + if you’re in a social network, google plus, and this is where I configured the Russian language itself, which is very pleased.

2. Then you can talk about circles in google plus. This feature is already implemented in many social networks, I saw her VKontakte for example. This division of your friends in the area of ​​interest. Standard wheels – it’s family, friends, followers (like Twitter). I create a circle of bloggers and majors (there I sat until one Zuckerberg.) Circles are needed in order for you to share information only with certain people, with a select number! They are made very well, all visualized:

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How do I add a circle – you just drag the avatar to the appropriate range, and all you will like this game

3. It is possible to video chat. This is a button you have the right on the page. I have not tried them yet (you need to install the plugin you suggested), but here’s how it looks:

I do not have the camera so that the chip will try again later.

4. Profile. To go to the profile, click on your name to the left, next to the avatar, or profile on a button, and then to the page “about yourself.” Be sure to configure your profile, fill in the information, it also can bind accounts twitter, blogspot, facebook and even add all your blogs and websites. This will help you unwind in google plus.

Also, the profile is a tape messages, videos, photos, and a live band (I have translated it with my subscription grabra). And most importantly there are sites that you put google +1, then there is a button clicked on them! Here is where you can read the tape a subscription!

5. An interesting feature – a topic of Google Plus. This button is located on the left potsentru. Here you can create a list of news certain subjects, such as football, Tottenham Hotspur, lessons, makeup, anything in general and from time to time to read it – very handy, twitter rest!

6. Chat in Google Plus – easy chat, choose the right companion and a window pops who have used this chat in gmail to find out who is not, he will understand quickly.

7. Finally, we note a beautiful gallery.

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