Deriving transaction ECN, a trader or extra income (fees charged – Rebate), or has written-off fee for the execution of the transaction.
Rebate credited for creating additional liquidity when a trader puts their bids and offera (pending Limit orders) in the ECN, the cost depends on the specific ECN.
In the performance of a market order ECN (Market order, Stop order or Marketable Limit order) for the reduction of liquidity in the ECN is deducted Fee.

Warrant must pass on the route (Route), before falling into the ECN or exchange. Such multiple routes, but they differ in speed and cost.
To derive the order on the NYSE most profitable (for the cost and speed) are the routes EDGX and ARCA PO +. Limit orders sent through EDGX and ARCA PO +, exhibited at the NYSE for free. Marketable Limit orders sent via EDGX and ARCA PO +, executed on the NYSE if the Inside Market Quotation is the NYSE, the cost of performance while only $ 0.0008 per share. Otherwise, orders are displayed in the ECN and the cost of execution of $ 0.0029 per share

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