Results of experiments

About two weeks experimenting with his trade, the number of transactions, size, position, time, trading styles.

The size of the position:

  • Small position – begin to think less deal more risk. The result is not very good indicators
  • Middle position – most comfortable at this point, the transaction deliberate and concentrating on them. A good profit, with little negative transactions that do not strain
  • Great position – a considerable profit, but also big minuses. We need more precision that would make them too little attempt to make mistakes. Incubate large movement does not always work. Once a day you can make, but they always sell will not work.


  • Morning – for me a bad time for transactions, see no clear trend, slip of the foot. Here’s more like a casino. There are single transaction, with a very good plan. Position to recruit hard.
  • Day – The most appropriate and interesting movement. Foot minimum, have a clear picture of where the market goes. No need to make decisions quickly and you can wait for their models of transactions
  • Lunch – there are interesting situations, but in the long run if the market is not active leads to losses
  • Evening – The situation is similar to the day, but it affects the fatigue of active trading, if lunch is not to rest the brain starts to think less and quality will deteriorate.

Increased positions:

  • Not increasing – a good result, the quality of the transaction, do not bother, but you can not get a tangible return
  • Increasing traffic campaign – giving you greater profits by 50-100%.
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Cover positions:

  • On the whole purpose of the position – often do not get a few cents or go for a lot longer than I thought, the result can be better
  • Unloading part – makes large brood movement, part of the profit is already fixed and you can sit quietly. Here we brim of the position on the target and sit on, giving the opportunity to earn more than they wanted.


  • Not moving – give shares to a large range of volatility, trying to sit through to the target, but action can often shut out of plus to minus.
  • In the break-even – of course we cover the zero-profit share, losing only paper, but often when it can be used to cover and get at least a plus that in the end still lost, though, and paper.
  • Move the feet – the maximum opportunity to sit out an action, saving every penny. Although there are large kickbacks or nowhere to put a stop, only micro levels.

Number of transactions:

  • Minimum – every opportunity to make some good deals, did not get profit from it. Opportunity to stay in stocks that do not go our way. Too much hope on them with the desire to maximize the position. In an inactive market gives good results in active miss many, but the results are normal
  • Mean – The most adequate, certainly difficult to find a balance as to make deals. Suitable for active and good market.
  • Max – a lot of deals, a sharp increase in volume and money. Hasty deal, there is little time for analysis is perfect and mistakes on them. In quiet market is deadly, in a very active market in some give good result is above average, but on ordinary days the commission and numerous bugs and their inability to track results in a negative result.
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While this is only a small portion and opening-up of the experiment, for my trading.

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