Reflection. Analysis or soul-searching?

Steve just made a losing bargain. Although he has lost only 2%, he can not stop thinking about it: “What have I done wrong?” How could I have prevented the loss? “What have I missed? What does this loss mean for me as a trader? What happens next? I can manage?” Steve They reflect. He can not let go of it. He always gets stuck with the loss, many times to scroll it in his head. Reflections on past loss of not only reinforce the bad mood, but, as shown by a recent study by Dr Andrew Ward (Andrew Ward), They reflect the type of less satisfied, less confident and less able to adhere to the scheduled course.

People differ in the degree of reflection. Some people do not survive at all, they can erase from memory or to avoid thinking about his troubles, to share with friends and acquaintances, or to take a clear and definite steps to change the circumstances that cause bad feelings. How would they not arrived, excessive loop on the issue is not for them. “Perezhivateli, by contrast, always focus on the meaning, causes and consequences of their experiences. Any actions usually only reinforce bad mood, adversely affect the ability to solve problems in attention and concentration. This line of thinking is not conducive to a qualified trading, when everything depends on the calm and focused approach to solving problems.

In his study, Dr. Ward and colleagues diagnosed and classified university students as either “perezhivateley” or as “neperezhivateley.” Each participant was individually asked to develop a specific plan to solve the urgent problem of the university, such as how to solve the housing shortage. Participants were asked to submit their plans by a member of the university planning committee. Unlike neperezhivateley “, people are inclined to reflection were less satisfied, less confident and less committed to their plans. In addition, they need more time to search for new information and revising the plan. In the end, “perezhivateli” were so exhausted that they could not proceed to act in any direction. Instead of going forward, they were clamped and paralyzed.

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Trader should quickly draw up a reasonable plan for the transaction and take decisive action. But some traders are long hours just reviewing their plans and variations miss important moves of the market. Reflection may explain why some traders are experiencing this illness. And you – “perezhivatel? If you find yourself here, you should make every effort to work on this problem. Self-awareness is necessary. When you know that you have a problem with the way of thinking, you can come up with a plan of self-control. Not easy to change the style of thinking, if you are in for many years developed the habit of thinking about their emotions. But this can be managed. Carefully control your thoughts and when experiencing, remind yourself that by doing so, you strengthen your bad mood, which in turn affect the concentration and degrade the ability to devise creative solutions to the problems of trading. Some physiologists have proposed that They reflect the man shouted loudly “Stop!” When caught himself on experiences. Unlike neperezhivateley, expose and challenge the decision to re-analyze them is not reasonable and necessary to remind ourselves that this is not conducive to moving forward. After some time, with experience, for “perezhivateley” will be possible to take swift and decisive action, rather than freeze in the bitter reflections on the recent loss-making transaction. So, if you – “perezhivatel”, does not worsen losing trades their feelings – it’s too devastating. Identify the problem, create a method of control, and do not allow reflection to resist certain trading decisions.

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