Recovery: Introduction

Start writing a series of lectures on the topic: “How to recover during the losing streak.

Much of the material already for traders who trade more than a year and began trading in plus, but newcomers will be useful points. This course is designed for people who are broken and they lose heart, no desire to trade more and do not believe in ourselves. In my almost 3 years trading on the NYSE was 3 times the black bars and I’m recovering from them. The most basic in the trade that is your emotional state. You must be in harmony with yourself and have confidence in their actions. Often people during the losing streak will begin work on bugs, but they are not psychologically ready to earn. Past cons on them under pressure and do not let go any further. They always revolve thoughts as quickly repel negative, but not as stable to start earning again. You are not the first nor the last who have such thoughts in your hands just stay there in this business or leave. The only person from whom depend on your success – is you.

And so if your emotional stress is at maximum, running 20 hours a day and still do not understand why you can not trade in plus, I propose the following:

On the week, you should forget about trade and markets, not to think about it. In the first step is to change the emotional state. You need to get a positive charge and energy. How to achieve this:

  • Activities – No lying on the couch and sadness, as I have all sadly. Need to be driven away, spend time with friends or girlfriend, but not in the usual places where you walk normally. Go on like rock climbing, parachute jump, go diving or play paintball. Do something never done before, but always wanted. This will give you a sea of positivity and energy.
  • Start reading biographies of famous people. You’ll see how they overcame difficulties walking to success. Most often, their problems were much heavier than your own.
  • View motivating movies and video clips. Often you can find on my blog, others simply by typing in a search engine.
  • Start listening to business seminars. Often there is a lot given separately and gives energy to do something. For example I had liked the business seminar Maxim Maximov
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Your main objective is now to change your emotional state, gain energy and strength for further work. To be continued …

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