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Caring for the trader – a wise and timely to speculate, keeping losses small, be prepared to quickly reach and maximize profits by not staying too long in one place, that is, to the point where he will give more than a small percentage of what has already been received.

(Continued from the same opera, the input-output, do not stand still, maximize profits. How interesting!)

Error: Copying the trading strategies of other people. That is why adherence to the trade in futures contracts of various consultants, at the same time not using their own opinion, rarely works in the long run. Some of the best traders bulletins, but their subscribers normally fail. Trading in futures is so personalized that for two people is almost impossible to trade the same way.

(Short of the two men and two just lose everything, because it is impossible not to merge. And to watch someone else’s system is necessary, even if they are not working at the moment).

Error: Ignoring the risk of the transaction. Most traders are entering into a transaction, only looks at the money from it expect to receive. They rarely consider that the transaction can go against them and they can lose. The reality is that whenever someone buys a futures contract, who – else is selling the same futures contract. The buyer is convinced that the market will grow. Seller believes that the market has finished growing. If you look at their deals so that you become more conservative and realistic trader.

(If you look at the deal, it’ll be conservative and realistic. Well maybe:)))

Error: An expectation that each transaction will make you rich. (Leave clothes ye who enter here)
When we tell people that trading – this is speculation, they argue that the need to trade so that the next deal may be the one that will bring them tons of money. (They have to trade to earn money. And not to trade, to thresh the transaction.) Experience difference, and read at your leisure happy Storey, with a full debriefing, you will understand as much as they wage, and by what methods.

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People forget that in order to become a winner, you do not need to wait for a large deal, which will come one day to make you rich. Even when it does come, there is no guarantee that you’ll be in this particular transaction. (Guarantees of course not, but if a deal for a long time to wait, you are likely to bite off a good chunk of your profits)

You will earn more and can hold more if you trade with the objectives, satisfied with regular small and medium-sized wins. (Zaraboaete if the hold) A trader makes his money by getting its share of the daily price action of markets. (The fraction of Pi .. lei on a daily basis, but receives) This does not mean you have to trade every day. This means that when you do trade, you should be ready to leave quickly if the deal does not go in your direction for a predetermined period of time. If the deal does go in your favor, protect her feet and hold. (Sort of)

Error: Too high profit expectations.

The biggest disappointment happens when expectations are not realistic high. Many traders are faced with problems, waiting for his trade more than a reasonable profit. They will often enter into the transaction and when she goes to their side and they win, they mentally begin to spend their winnings, and may even take for the expected return to take additional risk.Lozhnye expectations of huge profits made hopeful traders throw their work up to how they have to get something. The same false hope makes them lose money friends and family. False hope causes them to lay at home and other property. Too high expectations are dangerous to the welfare of every trader and his associates.

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(Oh yes, this vice, greshat many investors. In the end, they are left with nothing, despite past stellar achievements).

Error: No need to plan finances. Before you make a commercial decision on the position or before you start day trading, consider his motives and goals.

• Why do you trade today?

• Why did you open this deal?

• Will it get closer to your goal?

(Questions are currently usually sets the feed:). Where am I? Why I do it? And what will happen next?)

Error: Opening of the transaction due to the fact that it looks right at the moment. This is one of the saddest excuses that we hear from traders who do not know how to manage the transaction. By the time they call us, everything is very bad. They entered into a deal because they, or someone’s else opinion, this was the right action. They thought they had to follow the dictates of opinion – it shrewdly. They did not plan to make a deal and, even worse, they did not plan their actions in case the deal goes against them. Just what the market is agitated and makes strong moves – no reason to enter into a transaction. Sometimes when you absolutely do not understand what was happening, the wisest could not do anything at all. There will always be a new feature of the transaction. You do not have to sell.

(I find it difficult to understand how the deal could “look” right:). If you’re after the deal was bad, shaking in the breast)) or below, the transaction was not correct))). And the answer to the call, you do not have to sell. It’s cool)) Clients will the river)

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Error: Taking on too much risk. With all the warnings about the risks contained in the forms for opening an account with all the required warnings in books, magazines and all sorts of other literature that you receive as a trader, why is it so hard to accept that trading is a huge risk? This is – as if you understand the mind that futures trading is dangerous, but not really taking this to heart and live well until you find yourself covered with horror a large losing trade. Greed makes traders take on too much risk. They open too many bargains. They placed their feet too far. They sell a very small capital. We do not advise you to avoid futures trading. We only say that you should implement an immutable disciplining trading plan based on knowledge of futures markets in which you trade, coupled with good common sense.

(Just Trepov, first we want you to be traded, then we say that you are not required. And since you have proved that common sense, you do not, then learn more. Apparently propishut seminars))

In the course of reading and comments, no animal has suffered. Will save you $ 10 000.

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