Humility – the key to success

Five years ago I wrote a book titled “A successful trader. The mental state necessary for success in the market. ” When we were talking about dedication, I decided to dedicate the book “Traders who do not want fame.” During my work I had come across many traders, who were unsuccessful because of an inferiority complex. They feel worthless losers, inferior human beings and were not sure of their life purposes. For them, trading is a way to prove to myself that they were anything but standing in life. They feel that the more money are, the more they are significant as an individual. But it is actually not. Traders who are looking for wealth and fame as a rule will fail. The winners are humble traders.

In today’s competitive world, many captures the idea of victory in a zero-sum game: it may be only one winner, if you do not it, you loser. The winner receives a prey, is not it?

I am a football fan, as my regular readers know. At this time of year to look for the youth football championship. But this year seems to be no single winner in the championship BCS. Many teams have taken first or second place in the rankings this year were among the losers. The conference Pac 10, for example, many players leading teams traumatized. This situation proves that often comes a moment when victory does not depend on you. Even the most careful preparation unable to help you avoid the event, which will completely ruin all the plans. All you can do in this case is to show themselves to advantage, and to submit to fate.

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What attracts most newcomers to trading? Money is not it? But not all money is the motivation. I remember one experienced trader, who, passing the test does not have profit as its primary goal. I asked him: “What is the role of trading in your life?”. At that he, without batting an eye, confidently said: “Definitely trade is not a top priority in my life, and never will be. In the first place for me is spiritual development, at least it should be. Periodically I look back on this, and I think that for me it is the main priority.

Then I remembered that, read in the book “Trading to win” Dr. Ari Kiev. He notes that “traders tend to future goals, submitting to it, while rejecting the thoughts of victory or success.” According to Dr. Kiev, traders’ confidence in the supreme power, which helps them to self-realization, a power that is within them. ”

What is the secret of success? First, you must be humble enough to realize that there is no such thing as a complete victory. Secondly, it is important to learn to accept the fact that despite all our efforts we can not control the markets. This does not mean that we should not prepare and do everything possible to maximize your chances of success, but it is important to learn to live with the idea that you do not sin, that you can make mistakes, and that modesty and humility are virtues that will help you in the market.

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