Hot Keys. Hotkeys and their use in Daytraiding

«Hotkeys» are a set of keys on which the most demanded functions of the program are programmed. They allow «not rummage» in the program menu, and one pressing to execute a number of procedures which require the fastest performance. In дейтрейдинге hotkeys, will allow you to be faster than those who does not use them. And at sufficient skill will make your trading lightning. In the fast share you do not have time to click with the mouse on set of buttons, to aim in them and тд … In that case, стак will simply leave from you and you will not have time to enter-leave under the good price.

What functions are necessary for transferring on hotkeys? It: statement of limit warrants in-side market; market orders; volume change (kol-va shares); cancellation or change of the warrant or group of warrants, and as the button «Cover all» and other important functions depending on the terminal.

On an example of terminal Blackwood, I will demonstrate the apportion of hotkeys … you can adjust them on the discretion …

F1 – BuyLimit Order – the Selling limited warrant on NYSE SDOT.
F2 – BuyLimit Order ARCA — the Selling limited warrant through ECN ARCA.
F3 – SellLimit Order ARCA – the Purchasing limited warrant through ECN ARCA.

F5 – SellLimit Order – the Purchasing limited warrant on NYSE SDOT.
F8 — Market Buy Order – a purchasing market-warrant.

F9 – Buy Stop Order – a call of a window of statement warrant Buy-stop.
F12 – Sell Stop Order – a call of a window of statement warrant Sell-stop.

For fast change of the traded volume digital keys, including on additional digital area on the right are used.

1-0 – Quantity Shares from 100 to 1000
On additional the digital: 1-5 – 1000 – 5000 Shares accordingly.

Delete – to remove оредер
Esc — to remove all warrants
It is a base set of «Hot» keys, for comfortable and fast job. In terminals there are also other useful functions, to choose to you …

At the very beginning of use of keys, beginners start to do so-called «keyboard errors». Since buttons are nearby it is possible to press not that … Instead of to purchase – to sell and тд … Itself, it is not pleasant.

Be trained on the switched off computer; paste stickers opposite to those buttons which you have programmed are will help to get used fast to them and not to suppose errors …

As very much I advise to pass a rate on a keyboard training apparatus «Solo on the keyboard». Then you can fast drive in тиккеры shares and to become more effective дейтрейдером.

Обучение торговле акциями на NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex

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