Gerald Loeb

Loub Gerald (Gerald Loeb) made his name as a first-class specialist in the sale of securities, and Forbes magazine once called him “the most quoted man on Wall Street.” His book “The Struggle for Investment Survival” (The Battle for Investment Survival), published in 1935, is considered a classic, and the first edition sold out in 250 000 copies. The main reason for its success – a book written in lively, accessible language, which does not require such mental abilities, as published in 1934, Benjamin Graham’s book “The analysis of securities.” The strength of Louba – mass marketing, which gives you the opportunity to become an ordinary investor Joe. Consider the following metaphor for facing the novice investor: “A man should confine his first efforts at cooking cooking eggs, no one starts with the dishes” Baked Alaska “, regardless of what a great dessert may later turn out.”

Loub was born in 1899, his father, a French vintner, lost his business during the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906. Investment Gerald Louba career began in 1921 with the sale of bonds in a brokerage firm in San Francisco, California, he was known to refuse to sell any security, to which he had no confidence. A few years later he had worked in New York in company E. F. Hutton & Co., Where he made partner at a young age – 30 years. Like some other lucky ones, Loub foresaw the collapse of 1929 and sold all of its deposits and deposits of its clients before the onset of the crisis. In the same year he was appointed deputy chairman, a post he held until his resignation in 1965. In the 30’s and later years, he was distinguished by the fact that he was sane by the seller of securities, has written several books, his articles published Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal and Investor Magazine, and he was in a newspaper column called “Loub Wall Street “.

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Despite the fact that he worked at a brokerage firm, Loub rightly said: “People expect from investing too much. They wrongly think that their money will always be “work”. According Loubu, those who delayed and was able to limit their losses inflation, business was good. While his books have been criticized because of lack of technical guidance, he compensated for this practical advice: “Journey excellent education, and education in our time – is a great hedge for those who can benefit from the profits.”

Gerald Loub tried to create and maintain high-level analytical reviews for private investors established a prize (Gerald Loeb Awards) for outstanding business and financial journalism.

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