Zachem moskovskaja birzha ezhegodno ustraivaet sorevnovanija 497d251 зачем московская биржа ежегодно устраивает соревнования?

Why does the Moscow Exchange organize competitions every year??

Зачем московская биржа ежегодно устраивает соревнования?

Individuals' interest in investment has been growing in recent years. The drivers of this trend are low rates on bank deposits., constant price increases and extensive media coverage of financial market events. People go to the exchange, to find an alternative to the usual deposit, preserve and increase your capital. To make sure of this, just look at the statistics published on the Moscow Exchange website.

In the end of August 2021 r. Moscow Exchange has set a record for the number of registered individuals, exceeding the mark 21,5 million accounts in the trading system. For comparison, in the end of January 2020 r. the trading floor fixed 6,5 million accounts.

A significant increase in the number of accounts on the exchange became possible due to investments of professional participants in infrastructure and the development of remote services. Fast remote access to the start of trading contributed to the inflow of investments, an increase in the number of transactions and turnovers with all financial instruments.

In this situation, one of the priority tasks of the Moscow Exchange and companies, providing brokerage services, work to improve the financial literacy of arriving investors. Important, so that they learn to understand financial instruments, knew about the risks and made informed decisions. Pursuing this goal, "Opening Broker» opened its own Training Center.

The Moscow Exchange also organized free online courses and regularly hosts thematic events and seminars., which anyone can visit.

Moreover, already 18 years in a row Mosbirge has been holding the "Best Private Investor" competition.

The main purpose of the competition is to demonstrate the possibilities, which are available to private investors when trading stock instruments, derivatives and foreign exchange markets, as well as profitability, which can be obtained with competent work at these sites. Open operational publication of transactions and results allows you to monitor the progress of the competition and the strategies being implemented.

For the Moscow Exchange, "LCI" is valuable primarily as a channel of direct interaction with clients - trading participants. During the competition, the marketplace can find out, what investors are interested in, how their strategies change over time and what are their appetites for risk. Moreover, the competition is an additional way to tell investors about the most interesting and promising products of the exchange using the appropriate nominations.

Why the competition is valuable for the investment community?

  • This is a great opportunity to compare your results with the market.. As they say, look at others and show yourself. And by taking part every year, you can track the dynamics of your own skill.
  • The competition process is transparent: anyone can get acquainted with the results and parameters of the participants' transactions.
  • You can recognize not only the leaders, but also outsiders - and understand, how high risk can turn out.
  • Any expert recognized on the market can be asked to participate in the competition., to verify his knowledge and skills.
  • Publishing deals, although it does not allow exactly to recreate the used trading system, but allows you to evaluate its individual parameters, eg, risk management.
  • Clients of different brokers participate in the competition at the same time - there are no other similar competitions in Russia.

Personal broker "Otkritie Broker" Sergey Golenishchev shares his experience of participation in "LSI"

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the Best Private Investor competition for the development of the Russian stock market and the culture of investing in securities. The competition gives the participants an opportunity to prove themselves, show your strategy and earn an audience. Various nominations allow investors to learn about new instruments, learn different trading strategies and thereby better understand the financial markets. I participated in the LPI in 2011 g., and it changed my attitude towards the stock market: I became more serious. The format of the nomination I selected involved the execution of a large number of transactions, but the end effect was unexpected: I began to study fundamental analysis and economics more thoroughly. Many in Russia perceive the process of investing in stock market assets as a very risky business or even an adventure., where you can make money quickly and lose everything just as quickly. And such contests as "The Best Private Investor" are called upon, among other things, to perform a training and educational function, raise the overall level of financial literacy in the country.

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