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How traders have their income?

За счёт чего трейдеры имеют свой доход?

So that on not very large amounts (somewhere up to a million dollars) building trend trading systems on the Moscow Exchange - you don't need a lot of cleverness. Not, needs a little. And mind, and patience, and a program for tests is still needed. But it will cope, let's say, anyone with IQ 120 and without a strong aversion to mathematics. But somehow it does not become a mass fishery., right?

The entrance ticket is not that expensive, and the barrier is not so high ... Maybe - it's not in the mind?

By the way, this is a thought. Trade simple, logical, without fitting and therefore quite reliable trends - requires some, so to speak, courage. You can call it indifference or zen, if you want beautiful. For it has been said a hundred times: the process is counterintuitive and disgusting to our animal psyche. Most of the time at zero or light losses, then quickly, in several days, slaughter your mammoth. Then for a while you return part of the carcass back. This is not how people build a house., cultivate a garden, writing a book and so on. In human pursuits - small, but tangible approach to the goal every day. So closer to us.

Plus there is the Kahneman proportion: the loss of the sum X we are experiencing somewhere in 2,5 times stronger, than we rejoice in the profit in the amount of the same X. If the profit factor of my systems in peacetime is about one and a half, and in haymaking - two, then according to Kahneman's proportion I should be unhappy. PF is needed there 2,5, just to break out on emotions, and from three, to taste the joy of life. And there is no such thing among simple models. So that's all, who feels like a normal person, должны забросить trading как адовое, nervous, activity contrary to human nature.

therefore, possibly, traders are paid to, that they are kind of "non-humans".

But there is another version, that a trader's income is not a payment for his very qualities (not so superman), and for the rarity of their combination. for example, approach to risk. Usually people either like the risk (and then you need as much of it as possible), either don't like it (and then it should be as little as possible). Give a peaceful inhabitant therefore a deposit, to the player - the fifth shoulder. But a trader and a normal investor - he likes risk or not? Hardly much in love, superfluous lovers died long ago. But at the same time - he takes a risk, no other way. This is a rare type.. One side, he is a player, on the other - anti-player.

A person looks at something normally, how in a few minutes the amount on his account decreases, which he could live for a month or a year. This is one character trait A. But at the same time, he is constantly working on, to reduce equity volatility. This is quality B. By themselves, the types of A (brave player) and B (cautious risk manager) not so rare in the population, but here is their combination ...

Imagine a person, which on 70% armchair scientist and 30% filibuster of the south seas. The proportion is taken at random, you can substitute another. It's a curiosity anyway. These people will not bite off a lot of the common pie, if only because, that there will never be so many such people themselves.

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