South Park – financial crisis series

Description : Crisis is raging in the city. Banks burst, people are losing money, and these also include Marches. Randy is extremely unhappy with this, And, together with many more people, starts saving money first, and asks Stan to return the juicer to the store, what turns into a trip to the top. Meanwhile, Randy is revolutionizing the city, as a result of which people begin to live almost like in ancient Jerusalem, since they stop buying anything at all. However, residents recognize him as the messiah..

Тем же временем, Картман, уверенный, that the Jews are to blame for everything, who shove money into their secret cave, trying to get Kyle out of her whereabouts, but he starts to explain to him, что это все, including Randy's idea, rave. В это время, two people nearby are going to report to the council, that some young Jew(Кайл) spreads heresy.

Parallel to this, Stan comes to Big Orange Finance Company asking for the return of the juicer., but meets only the idiot head there.

В это время, in South Park decide to execute Mr. Harrison for his betrayal of their religion. They decide to shower him with squirrels to death., but Kyle stops them.

В это же время, Stan comes to the exchange, still carrying a juicer nearly the size of himself. He meets a man, which clears things up a bit(there are already thousands of people wanting to return the juicers), and directs it to the U.S. Treasure Company.

However, at this time, Kyle preaches a sermon to the people on the hill about, that the economy – it is not a monster or a disease. This thing, made by people for people, and it makes no sense, not to use it. Randy on the council gets new news about it. “young Jew” – he is extremely concerned about this. Stephen assumes, what he – son of Economics, sent to save them. Father Maxi confronts him, speaking, that the Economy has one son – stupidly. Randy doesn't know, what to do, and the council decides for itself – a Jew must be killed or caught. As if by magic, after these words, Cartman appears in the room with a ready-made plan and words: “Someone said – catch a Jew?”.

  «The Perfect Storm» every 2 weeks

Stan's line continues. He comes to the U.S. Treasure Company, and there gets hope for the return of this fucking juicer… And learns, that the return of the juicer gives him ninety trillion dollars.

Meanwhile, Kyle holds the Last Supper at Whistlyng Willy's. Everything is exactly like in the Bible, only a traitor – Картман, which is obvious. He tries to deflect suspicion from himself. Kyle decides to do something..

And Stan comes to the boardroom, where all problems are solved by chopping off the chicken's head and letting the still walking corpse on the roulette.

Kyle gives everyone checks.. Comes to that, that he falls asleep from overwork, and he is taken to bed crying. The news release reads, that the economy in South Park has taken a big step forward.

Кайл, barely alive, watching news release. And when it says, what is man, whom everyone should thank for all this, и это оказывается… Barack Obama.

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