I want to become a professional trader

Until my trading success is bad, but this is very far from the level to which I want to come. To become a professional trader, I still have a lot of shortcomings in trading.. I do not have enough competent deals and the absence of stupid unreasonable visits, flexibility in managing position and concentration. I limit my profits and I can't even 100 leave stocks to see where the stock will go. I started to buy more and take big positions, but due to an increase in the position, I worsen the price and the stop becomes large. I would like to start trading overnight and NASDAQ. I will try to achieve my goals in the near future.

Author: Trader

Personal blog of a professional trader on the US stock exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX ) Dmitry Gavrilov. Started his career at NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in 2008 years in prop company . With 2009 of the year became a senior trader of the largest prop in Russia and began to train traders of the company. With 2011 of the year was a trader of GT Capital Group with the support of SMB Capital (USA).