“whatever it takes”

I don't want to repeat the obvious, но “whatever it takes” for a long time in prices.
otherwise what was the point of enduring the previous two `` buyouts ''.
the question is no longer, do they want, but is it possible.

here, ксати и FED с добрым Беном помгает Европе: Fed Restarts Currency-Swap Tool as Sovereign-Debt Crisis Flares
someone actually doubted?)
all sorts of emerging markets will grow to a serious scale,
so Bernanke will help them, while still early))

succinctly wonderful from[info]dijap :
Another reminder to the investor, that good margins and great prospects in a developing economy are often due to the lack of ventilation in the mine and commonplace hazard warning sensors.

Yes, April was still out World Economic Outlook

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