Time for tough measures

Fire money

Well after two days of plus, on the third day I broke again and did something stupid. There are some new problems in trading :

  • I do by 50-90 cents in the deal and close it to zero
  • I strongly believe in individual trades and put everything on the line
  • I do not transfer my stop to no loss
  • Started trading reversals, my trading strategy almost completely eliminates them
  • I am looking for some new sensations and adventures.
  • I do not follow the trading system , Risk management
  • I take positions in 5-6 times more than standard
  • The feet have increased in 2 times before 30 cents per share
  • A lot of extra volume
  • I do not close profitable deals, want more money
  • Position averaging

This is just part of it, what I noticed and therefore since Monday I have been tightly controlling my transactions and returning discipline.

New rules are introduced for the duration of the state of emergency :

  • I trade only on my own trading system, no reversals and other brilliant ideas
  • Strictly limited number of shares, no more no less.
  • Close 50% position upon reaching it +50 cents and move the stop to at least +25 cents
  • Maximum risk in a trade 10-13 cents if I no longer enter
  • Minimum potential in stock 40 cents
  • To 10:30 no opening positions
  • I divide the daily loss limit by 2 parts : 2/3 before lunch, the rest after 14:00
  • No averaging and position increase.
  • Small profits are better, than a big loss, and not vice versa !

And if I observe everything, then money will fall on me :twisted:


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