Time for tough measures (part 2)

casinoMy Trading it gets worse and worse, because discipline is gone. I start trading from the very opening and feelings prevail over me. I can't stick to my rules and I'm losing money. Not trading, and some CASINO. From tomorrow I don't open the terminal until 10:20 and I introduce rules similar to previous , but slightly changed.

I have a choice now, continue to drain money and spit on everything or return to disciplined trading and stay in this business.

  • To 10 : 20 do not trade
  • Potential in a stock not less than 50C
  • Trend of 15 minute and daily time frame.
  • Simultaneously open trades 3 maximum
  • No more than 4 transactions per hour
  • Close a position only by stop.
  • Trade trend only
  • 10With the maximum risk in the transaction
  • 2/3 limit up to 12 : 00 limit
  • 1/3 the limit afterwards 14: 00
  • Comply with your trading system
  Strategy for the MICEX
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