Wall Street Warriors / Wall street warriors (2 season, Russian translation)[RUSSIAN]

Daytradergt воины уолл стрит / wall street warriors (2 сезонWall Street Warriors / Wall Street Warriors
Year of issue: 2008
Country: USA
Genre: Documentary
Duration: ~ 25 minutes series
Transfer: Professional (monophonic)
Russian subtitles: not
Director: Scott J. Gill, Sean Skelton
In the roles: Brett Hickey, Laetitia Vaval, Jim Ayers, Lance Cooley, Larry Alintoff, Sandra Navidi, Timothy Sykes, Jessica Pearson, Guy de Chimay, Alex Tavis

Description: Welcome back to Wall Street, there, where fearsome bulls and hungry bears fight, where winners do business, and the losers will fail. Wall Street is unstoppable power and competition and you can see it through the eyes of those, who thrives there – from seasoned veterans and confident traders to ambitious beginners, just graduated from school. All this in the new season. At the end of the working day, these 6 heroes go to their homes in the Hamptons and spend weekends in luxury. But don't be fooled by glamorous parties and entertainment.. The second season of the Wall Street Warriors gives us a glimpse into the world, where events develop with lightning speed and tough. Premiere at Malevich Square!


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