Video: Деньги и Скорость” Inside the Black

Money and speed: "Inside the Black Box" is an action-packed movie, based on real events, which takes you to the very heart of our automated world.
Based on participant stories and video data played back to the millisecond, he takes us back to events - Black Tuesday 6 May 2010 of the year: the fastest and lowest drop in the American stock market, ever in history.

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Author: Trader

Personal blog of a professional trader on the US stock exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX ) Dmitry Gavrilov. Started his career at NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in 2008 years in prop company . With 2009 of the year became a senior trader of the largest prop in Russia and began to train traders of the company. With 2011 of the year was a trader of GT Capital Group with the support of SMB Capital (USA).