Wall Street expects weak gains in stocks in 2022 year

Уолл-стрит ожидает слабого роста акций в 2022 году

CNBC has collected analysts' goals for S&P 500 for 2022. In their opinion, the broad stock market index will continue to rise next year, but not so much, like in the last couple of years.

In 2020 and 2021, the S index&P 500 added about 16 and 28%. According to consensus forecast, by the end of 2022, the index will rise to 4985 points. It's on 5,5% above the current level of 4726 points.

Just like a year ago, one of the most optimistic predictions was given by Oppenheimer. Experts expect growth of S&P 500 on 12,8%, up to 5330 points: "We believe, that science will continue to successfully fight the coronavirus and its new strains, and the US economy will continue to recover steadily ".

Goldman Sachs is also positive about the future of the stock market. According to analysts, S&P 500 will grow by 7,9%, up to 5100 points: “Companies will continue to increase profits and margins, despite rising production costs and supply chain problems ".

Most bearish, like last year, tuned by Morgan Stanley. The bank predicts a fall in S&P 500 on 6,9%, up to 4400 points: "We believe, that in 2022 there will be a price correction, which we mistakenly expected in the second half of 2021. Our target P / E equal 18, What's on 15% below current level, but corresponds to the five-year average. Correction risk postponed, but not eliminated ".

Comparing current forecasts with last year's, it is seen, how the same analysts maintain their attitude. So, BMO and Oppenheimer still expect double-digit growth, and Morgan Stanley and Bank of America - near-zero or negative stock returns. The bulls won this year, and what will happen next - we will find out through 12 months.

Уолл-стрит ожидает слабого роста акций в 2022 году

Analyst goals for S&P 500 for 2022 in points

Morgan Stanley 4400
Bank of America 4600
Barclays 4800
UBS 4850
Citi 4900
CFRA 5020
J. P. Morgan Chase 5050
RBC 5050
Goldman Sachs 5100
Swiss credit 5200
Wells Fargo 5200
BMO 5300
Oppenheimer 5330


Analyst goals for S&P 500 for 2021 in points

Deutsche Bank 3950
BTIG 4000
Morgan Stanley 4000
Bank of America 4250
RBC 4500
Barclays 4600
Swiss credit 4600
J. P. Morgan Chase 4600
Wells Fargo 4600
CFRA 4640
UBS 4650
Goldman Sachs 4700
Oppenheimer 4700
BMO 4800
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