Trader predicts imminent rally for one altcoin

Crypto Trader Altcoin Sherpa Predicts Early Start Of Altcoin Season For One Cryptocurrency Asset

Трейдер прогнозирует скорое ралли для одного альткоина

In his opinion, decentralized streaming platform Theta (THETA) ahead of the growth dates of many other altcoins and should start rallying soon:

“I think, that native THETA will happen sooner, than other altcoins. The asset spent a long time in the accumulation range and has not pumped for a long time. Expect, that the movement of many violas will look similar to the movement of SNX in 2020 year: V-shaped decline / accumulation period / growth "

Altcoin Sherpa noted, what, unlike the rest of the cryptocurrency market, THETA tends to move on its own terms:

“THETA can show high profitability. The asset has been marking time longer than others and it has its own market cycles, that is, he can walk at his own discretion "

About BTC trader thinks, that the kickbacks will be smaller, than in 2020 year due to the difference in the market. The last rollback of the BTC rate was less than 14%, and in 2020 year before takeoff was 17%:

"Market structure, context, charts BTC differ from exchange rate movements in 2020 year. Now, as the rate approaches the historical maximum, the pullbacks should not be so deep "

Separately, the trader highlighted the blockchain indexing protocol The Graph (GRT), noting, that the asset is showing signs of accumulation, which means a rally can be expected at any moment:

“GRT is showing signs of accumulation, good amounts go into the asset. For passive work, I would increase GRT reserves "

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