Trader named the top 5 altcoins for investment at the end 2021 of the year

Криптовалютный trader Aaron Arnold marked the top 5 cryptoassets, which are ready for rapid growth at the end of this year.

Trader named the top 5 altcoins for investment at the end 2021 of the year

First on his list is Polkadot (DOT). In his opinion, in connection with the start of the long-awaited paagon auctions, which will make it possible to run blockchains based on the network, DOT ready for strong growth in November:

"Paedain auctions will take Polkadot to a whole new level".

The second is the smart contract platform Avalanche (AVAX). Trader highlights growing popularity of AVAX among venture investors:

"The Avalanche Foundation continues to pour venture capital into its own ecosystem, which is an extremely bullish signal for AVAX. They are going to invest large sums in the development and development of, so I'm bullish on Avalanche.".

Recently, the Avalanche Foundation launched the Blizzard Investment Fund with a budget $220 million, the purpose of which will be the development of DeFi- and NFT platforms, as well as the study of new promising development scenarios.

What follows is the smart contract platform. Cardano (ADA). According to Arnold, network usage is growing rapidly:

"I believe in the growth of the ADA. The use of the Cardano network is trending upwards, and this applies to the total number of transactions, daily transactions and daily fees. This opens up good prospects for Cardano and it's nice to see such rapid growth of the ecosystem.".

Another promising project – it's a metaverse Decentraland (WHERE). After Facebook's announcement about the development of its metaverse, investors paid attention to this sector., which helped to significantly increase the rate of MANA.

And closes the list – protocol THORChain (RUNE). Arnold highlighted its ability to provide cross-chain swaps between Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain and THORChain, bringing enhanced interoperability to the DeFi sector:

"The more I learn about the THORChain project, the more it arouses interest. The protocol does have applications. No KYC procedures are required when working with it (know your customer), which makes it even cooler.".

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