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TOP-7 films about financial markets. Continuation

Топ-7 кинолент о финансовых рынках. Продолжение

What is the value of films and TV series? Cinema inspires, tells interesting stories, that make you think and can even teach.

We present to your attention a new selection of feature films and TV series about financial markets!

1. Movie "Selling for a fall"

The film is dedicated to the financial crisis in 2007-2008 years. A completely different view of Wall Street! A radically different approach and the second side of the coin of what is happening in the financial markets. the main thing, in the film everything complex is explained and told in a simple, understandable language.

The film is based on the book of the same name. Both works of art are based on true events.!

The film won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. The film is deservedly put in first place among all films about the financial markets.. Therefore, we could not help but start our TOP-5 with the “Selling Game”.

2. Film "Americans"

The financial market is harsh and brutal. Nobody here stands on ceremony with anyone. Either you earn, either you stay on the street.

Film "Americans", also known as "Glengarry Glen Ross", Glengarry Glen Ross and Dealers) is already considered a classic of world cinema.

"Go and win. Money is just waiting, until you take them. But if you don't take it, don't expect mercy. "

3. Film "Risk Limit"

Cinema based on true events.

You will fully immerse yourself in the working atmosphere of an investment bank before the financial crisis 2008 of the year. You will see a "cold" analysis of the situation, as well as the bold and quick decision-making of the heroes of the film.

"Risk Limit" nominated for the main prize of the 61st Berlin International Film Festival "Golden Bear" and for the "Oscar" in the category "Best Original Screenplay".

We can't help but bear a few wise phrases of the characters in the film separately..

"A bust is always followed by a rise."

“Everyone has a chance!»

- Sam Rogers

“You know, what does the person feel, who stands on the edge of the abyss? It's not a fear of falling, and the fear of that, that he can jump ... "

- Will Emerson

4. The series "Billions"

Money or power? Everyone chooses, what is more valuable and more important to him.

"Billions" will show you the confrontation between the billionaire and the prosecutor, how one hero takes risks and gets out of difficult situations, and another character, his opponent, shows character and confidence.

Beyond any doubt, "Billions" are worth seeing!

5. Film "Vicious Passion"

What to do, when the hedge fund makes huge profits? What to do, when the hedge fund's earnings rise? What to do, when you feel, that it's time to part with your company, which he raised, in which he put all his soul and a piece of life? Stay with her and continue messing around or sell it anyway? You will receive answers to these and many other questions while watching the film "Vicious Passion".

6. Film "Boiler Room"

Movie about brokers, who could earn a lot, a lot of money from scratch. Be adventurous and assertive, not being afraid to constantly take crazy risks - this is the price of, to become a millionaire, have palaces and mansions, luxury yachts and luxury cars.

What are you ready for, to become a successful and fabulously rich person?

7. The film "The Pursuit of Happiness"

The film is based on real events and based on the autobiographical work of the same name, whose author used to live in dire poverty, and now - "bathed" in wealth, because Christopher Gardner is now a successful multimillionaire.

Motivational film, about that, how to overcome problems, how to get out of the financial hole, that there are no barriers, to succeed and achieve happiness. Yes, happiness is worth fighting for!

And we will end this publication with the best quote from the film., which Christopher Gardner told his son:

Have a great time!

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