Tokens 4 game projects grew by more than 200%

In a week 4 cryptocurrency assets of play-to-earn projects grew by more than 200%, showing better results, than BTC, ETH and many other digital currencies

Tokens 4 game projects grew by more than 200%

One of the leaders in terms of weekly profitability is a BSC-based token of a play-to-earn game project YooShi (YOOSHI). YOOSHI price skyrocketed by 619% and from the moment of the local minimum at the level $0,00000057 Reached $0,0000041.

Decentraland virtual reality platform token called WHERE. Within a week, the MANA rate increased by 448% and from the mark $0,75 reached a historic record $4,11. The platform has recently launched an incubator, enabling support for new games, those wishing to become part of the Decentraland metaverse.

The token turned out to be quite profitable StarLink (STARL), providing players with the opportunity to receive digital assets by traveling through the virtual universe and completing various tasks. The STARL course has risen from the level $0,000015 before the historic record $0,000064, thus demonstrating weekly profitability in 326%.

Popular project closes the list Sandbox (SAND), which is an online world, where players can sell virtual assets on the online platform. Within a week, the SAND rate increased by 232%. Last but not least, the catalyst for growth was the attraction $93 million in investment round, led by SoftBank.

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