They, who trades the American market

 At one time, I scanned the market in the states and looked for such stocks., Which drove exponentially in view of the large short ratio and a small number of issued and free float. For hedge funds, it's a tidbit to drive garbage, which is worthless in the long run , to such a height. Their business itself has limited growth., this is predetermined by their business. But apparently, some fundamentalists underestimated their earning power and 25% free float. I will not bore you with basic quantitative statistics, but I think the company's valuation for such a business is overstated.
For in order , to do on the shorts, it is necessary to wait for the formation of a reversal. Think, that these shares and 50 bucks are not worth or will be in the future.
There are also files in the form 4, where insiders are going to or have already sold part of their shares from 90 up to 100.

  Who has what on his mind, and us OVER
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